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D.B. Credits

Mac Audience Award - D.B. Sweeney

Mac Audience Award – D.B. Sweeney


Underdogs – Vince DeAntoino (directed by Doug Dearth in 2013)
K-11 – Lt. Johnson (directed by Jules Stewart in 2013)
Taken 2 – Bernie (directed by Olivier Megaton in 2012)
Deep in the Heart – Michael (directed by Chris Cain in 2012)
Swamp Shark – Tommy Breysler (directed by Griff Furst in 2012)
Miracle at St. Anna – Colonel Driscoll (directed by Spike Lee in 2008)
Yellow – Christian Kile (directed by Alfredo DeVilla in 2007)
Two Tickets to ParadiseBilly McGuire (directed by D.B. Sweeney in 2007)
Speak – Jack Sordino (directed by Jessica Sharzer in 2004)
Going to the Mat – Coach Rice (directed by Stuart Gillard in 2004)
Greenmail – Jeremy O’Brien (directed by Jonathan Heap in 2002)
Superfire – James Merrick (directed by Steven Quale in 2002)
Hard Ball – Matt Hyland (directed by Brian Robbins in 2001)
The Weekend – Tony (directed by Brian Skeet in 1999)
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge – Jack Denison (directed by Martha Coolidge in 1999)
Spawn – Terry Fitzgerald (directed by Mark Dippe in 1997)
Roommates – Michael Holzcek (directed by Peter Yates in 1995)
Hear No Evil – Ben Kendall (directed by Robert Greenwald in 1993)
Fire in the Sky – Travis Walton (directed by Rob Leiberman in 1993)
A Day in October – Niels Jensen (directed by Kenneth Madsen in 1992)
The Cutting Edge – Doug Dorsey (written by Tony Gilroy, directed by Paul Michael Glaser in 1992)
Miss Rose White (Hallmark) – Dan McKay (directed by Joseph Sargent in 1992)
Heaven Is a Playground – Zack Telander (directed by Randall Fried in 1991)
Blue Desert – Steve Smith (directed by Brad Battersby in 1991)
Sons – Ritchie (directed by Alex Rockwell in 1990)
Memphis Belle – Lt. Phil Lowenthal (directed by Michael Cayton-Jones in 1990)
Eight Men Out – Joseph ‘Shoeless Joe’ Jackson (written/directed by John Sayles in 1988)
No Man’s Land – Benjy Taylor (directed by Peter Werner in 1987)
Gardens of Stone – Jackie Willow (directed by Francis Ford Coppola in 1987)
Fire with Fire – Baxter (directed by Duncan Gibbons in 1986)
Power – College Student (directed by Sidney Lumet in 1986)


Major Crimes – FBI Special Agent Morris (The Ecstasy and the Agony in 2012)
The Closer – FBI Special Agent Morris (Relative Matters in 2012)
Castle – Det. Kyle Seeger (To Love and Die in L.A. in 2011)
Hawaii Five-0 – Richard Davis (Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio in 2011)
24 – Mark Bledsoe (2010)
CSI: NY – A.D.A. Craig Hansen (2010)
Criminal Minds – U.S. Marshal Sam Kassmeyer (2009)
Leverage – Father Paul (The Miracle Job in 2008)
Crash – Peter Emory (2008)
Jericho – John Goetz (2006-2008)
House M.D. – Dylan Crandall (Who’s Your Daddy? in 2006)
Life As We Know It – Michael Whitman (2004-2005)
Karen Sisco – Harry Boyle (No One’s Girl in 2004)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Kyle Goode (Early Rollout in 2004)
CSI: Miami – Simon Bishop (Body Count in 2003)
Once and Again – Graham Rympalski (2000-2001)
Harsh Realm – Mike Pinnochio (created by Chris Carter in 1999-2000)
NYPD Blue – Joey Dwyer (Big Bang Theory in 1999)
C-16: FBI – Scott Stoddard (1997-1998)
Strange Luck – Chance Harper (1995-1996)
Tales from the Crypt – Clyde (Staired in Horror in 1994)
Lonesome Dove (mini-series) – Dish Boggett (1989)
Spenser: For Hire – Rick (Resurrection in 1985)


Mountain Men (TV series) – Narrator (2012)
The Legend of Korra (TV series) – Aang (2011)
Ice Pilots – Narrator (2011)
Brother Bear: Walt Disney – Sitka / voice (2003)
Dinosaur: Walt Disney – Aladar / voice (2000)

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