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Grant vs Lee

American soil is under attack, the nation engaged in its most unpopular war. The population is divided on every political and social issue. In the White House, sits the most hated President in American history—believed by more than half the citizens to have stolen the election to his first term; when he runs for his second term, he will barely beat a war hero Democrat who campaigns on a popular anti-war platform. Inept generals will make a mockery of predictions of easy initial victory; in Congress, anti-administration committees will convene to investigate the conduct of this war. As the war drags on over years (instead of months), the United States will lose its overseas allies while introducing the world to weapons and tactics more devastating than ever before seen… Yet, at the end of it all, the color barrier between black and white in America will be transformed forever and our nation will become a beacon of hope to the world.

The similarities between now and then are startling and provide a wonderful contemporary, unique lens for historical drama.

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